Summer provides the best time to experience Lake Tahoe from on the lake. Mark Twain called Lake Tahoe “the fairest picture the whole earth affords”.

The main part of the lake is a very blue topaz color, created by Tahoe’s clarity and depth, change in blues are easy to witness when out on the lake. How you decide to enjoy it can be in many different forms from kayak and stand up paddle board to motorized boats and jet skis. We also count parasailing as being out on the water, even if you are soaring hundreds of feet in the air above it. Motorized watercraft rentals allow you to cover larger areas of the 22 mile long and 12 mile wide lake, in a faster amount of time, or as slow as you might like. A stop for lunch or dinner on the west shore at Sunnyside Restaurant or West Shore Cafe by boat is a must do.

No visit to South Lake Tahoe is complete without a visit to Emerald Bay. This bay, somewhat shallower, takes on a beautiful blue-green hue. There is no better way to explore Emerald Bay than slowly by boat, kayak or stand up paddle board, making the only islet, called Fannette Island, accessible to tour. Traveling into Emerald Bay by watercraft we think it is much easier than the mile hike down from the visitor parking area and then the “what feels like 5 mile hike back” to your vehicle. Guided jet ski and kayak tours to Emerald bay are available through local companies. We have partnered with Ski Run Boat Company for exclusive discounts for our hotel guests to help get you out on the lake for the ultimate experience. Kayak Tahoe, located 100 feet down our beach offers guided kayak tours, even full moon tours.

We don’t want to forget to mention that getting out on the lake can be as easy as opening your sliding glass door of your room and walking out across the sand. Sometimes just floating out on the water on your own inflatable device of your liking is all you need to sink into full relaxation mode.

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